Chef Eric was recently featured in Northshore Magazine.

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“Gas is the fastest, but it imparts the least flavor. You can’t beat a pot belly (charcoal- burning) Weber for 30 bucks,” says chef Eric Lorden. “I like to take firewood and add that to one side of the coals and grill on top of that. The firewood gives a smoky outdoor, back-to-the-caveman kind of flavor. My favorite cut of beef to grill is rib eye because I like fat; with fat comes flavor!” When it comes to seafood, he is more inclined to cook on gas. “That’s where you don’t want to impart a smoky flavor, say, onto the tuna or scallops.” An obviously avid griller, Lordon says, “Once I find something I really love to grill, I grill it all year round. I don’t care if there is a foot of snow on the ground; I go out with my boots on. Also, I hate to clean, and the great thing about a grill is that you can let it all burn off.” His favorite rub is called Montreal Spicy. “I use that and commercial barbeque sauces to enhance things.” 110 Main St., Gloucester, 978-281-3680