Gloucester Shrimp- Fried with Chipotle Mayo 8

Short Rib- Asian Style w/ sesame slaw 8

Crab Cake- Maryland style &  9

Thai Duck- seared w/ mango lime sauce 9

Buffalo Chicken- Frank’s & bleu cheese 7

Lamb Chops- Grilled with Chimichurri 9

Fried Smoked Mozzarella with marinara 6

Grilled Vegetables tossed in house curry 5

Spanish omelet- potatoes & green onions 4

Mussels Saffron- Poached in saffron cream 7

Pheasant Sausage- Grilled over sweet potato hash 7

Fried Potato- With chili aioli 4

Sweet Potato Hash- Seasoned with jerk spice 4


Adelle’s Gumbo- chicken and andouille sausage in a rich stock over rice. small 4 large 6

Adriatic Seafood Stew- fresh seafood poached in our tomato brodo finished with EVOO and basil  small 7 large 10

Soup Du Jour small 4 large 6


Café-mixed field greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette grape-tomatoes carrots cucumbers and croutons 7

Caesar- crisp romaine tossed with our timeless dressing croutons chopped egg calamata olives and parmesan 7

Tokyo Crunch-crisp romaine with cucumbers tomatoes carrots and chickpeas  with our ginger dressing 7

Nahdia’s Apple- sliced apples and field greens with bleu cheese grape tomatoes honey yogurt dressing topped with candied walnuts 8

Beets and Feta-citrus marinated beets and red onion over spinach sprinkled with feta 7

             Add to any salad: 

chicken 4 lamb chops 9  Shrimp 6

        chicken salad 4


Bluepoint Oysters- Two dollars each with

cocktail sauce 6 for $10

Mixed Olives- A Tapas Staple 4

Shrimp Cocktail-Two dollars each with

cocktail sauce 6 for $10

Tri colored Tomatoes-marinated w Crustini 4

Marinated Mushrooms-over spinach 4

Manchego-Grapes,crackers,candied walnuts 4

Hummus-Veggies and grilled gyro bread 5

Seared Tuna & Seaweed Salad 8

Antipasto  9

Marinated Artichokes 4

Serrano ham and Manchego cheese 5

Smoked Salmon- Red onions, capers , egg

Crackers 6


(all served with lettuce, tomato, and a side)

Haddock – fresh fillet fried or Cajun 12

Pulled Pork – topped with smoked mozzarella 9

Chicken Salad – tarragon mayo walnuts and

grapes 9

Chicken Club – cheddar cheese bacon and mayo 9

Meatloaf Tower- Stacked on a garlic bread

with potato pancake and espagnole sauce 10

The Burger- half pound changes daily 9

Gyro- pheasant sausage or grilled chicken with tzatziki sauce red onion olives and feta 9

                         ROLLUPS 9

Crispy flat bread with shredded lettuce,tomato cheddar jack green onions & Cajun Mayo

                          You pick:

Grilled Chicken, Chicken Salad,Roasted Veggies

Pulled Pork or Native Shrimp

                      QUESADILLAS 9

Crispy flat bread with tomato mushroom

cheddar jack green onion sour cream

jalapenons and fresh salsa

                            You pick:

Grilled chicken, roasted veggies, pulled pork

or native shrimp

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